off to the post office parcel dept this morning to collect a large rather sorry looking cardboard box.
hacking the box open on the kitchen table reveals this...

a toyota celica chargecooler, pump, pipes and radiator.

and i think that with this and one or two other bits of plumbing i've collected recently i've got the lot - apart from a boost gauge and fuel pressure gauge, which i can get with no problems -

what this means is that it's time to start assembling. the bus is ready - ish - i've got the wheels - just need tyres - and yesterday it did it's first wheelspin... albeit coming out of the yard at MADworkshop on the other side of pristol but it was proper screechy with smoke and everything... all very childish but it made me laugh and made a great noise :)

so, it's time actually see if it'll work..

watch this space..