if you find that noisy neighbours keep you awake at night or the noise of the airconditioining in your place of work annoys you here is a simple and fun solution to noise related problems that you can make at home.

1 remove stock backbox...

2 hack up expensive strange exhaust you got from Marco Mansi's wasserboxer bug

3 hack up old back box and combine with expensive wierd exhaust

make sure you have an irresponsible adult help you with the potentially lethal bits, and never look directly at welding arc - especially not with a new and very expensive but crushingly, poorly designed motorola E1000 mobile phone camera.

then remove elbow below number 3&4 cylinders and bolt straight up...


if you are short of friends and like chatting to random police officers by the side of the road or are in a hurry to fall out of favour with your neighbours this is just the thing!