back as early as possible to RaceShack and get going...
after a slow morning of pottering on stuff waiting to attack it all I sort out some jobs like capping more pipes and investigating a leak in the right hand cylinder head jacket.. yes, it leaks... i've drained the coolant and if it's dry tomorrow i'll fill it full of silicone and hope for the best.

I realise that yesterday was a comedy of errors on my part... not only did i measure the oil drain wrong, I bust off a 4mm tap inside the hole in one of the manifolds i had just drilled, then i broke the needle nose pliers trying to get the drif out then i bent the centre punch trying to get that out ... i also put the engine brace bar on back to front (it's only a few degrees different but it twists the engine mounts if its on the wrong way.. so all off again (and it's a stupid tedious job...)

after lunch Kevo and I went to the lasercutters to collect the flanges....
the laser cutter is amazing.. it's a HUGE piece of equipment with a bed and overhead gantries and the laser unit on an arm. we wathed it cut out the flanges we wanted from 10mm sheet steel. Guestimating the cutting speed of the thing I don't think i'm exaggerating that it was cutting somewhere near 10m per minute... amazing to watch. the flanges louie designed were great.

after dropping three of the injectors into the bottom of the sonic cleaner... i fished out the throttle body and here it is with the base flange fitted up..

then i was away with the plasma cutter hacking up pipes and getting metalwork ready to line up the hotside of the turbo and get the throttlebody flange mated to the plenum chamber (again the original VW digijet injection one)

here's the plenum chamber with a hole cut to accept an angles 60mm stainless steel pipe...

The plasma cutter works by passing a current down a stream of ionised air and vaporising the metal at the shortest path to earth... it's amazing to use but a little messy until you get the hang of it.

the next thing was to start to tack weld the exhaust manifold & plenum chamber etc... I was actually starting to get excited now, i can see it starting to take shape... there's loads more to do (injection, electrics, fuel, chargecooler etc etc) but it's actually happening, at last !

the exhaust manifold is finished and has the turbo input flange in the right place..
utilising as much as possible of the existing 2.1 system has made it very simple..

and here it is in place (but not braced yet, hence the axlestand to keep it steady)

and here it is from above, you can just make out the curved oil return pipe and see the new exhaust manifold and also the plenum chamber with the throttle body ( and blue pressure hose) test fitted.

more tomorrow!

it's petrolheads club night in the evening, will we get it running to put on the rollers in time ???