got the springs changed for some lovely new 60mm drop ones form Avo, care of cowboy baxter at brickwerks and got them all bolted up. the ride is SOOOOOO much better, the dodgy springs on the back of the wedge had come from something car like, they were actually longer than standard but made of cheese and so soft that they were nearly completely compressed, even standing still.

got the new kahn 18 inch rims bolted up too. they are 5 x 112 pcd so they 'bolt right up' lol. they do bolt right up but need a spacer on the pront to clear the upper wishbone arm and the cap on the spindle. they also need longer studs on the back and long bolts on t he front.
i decided top put studs on the front instead of bolts and got a shiny set of spacers, long rear studs and new studs for the front from that brickwerks again. Simon got them to me in less than 24 hours so big thanks to him !

the front studs change was no problem, wind them in wth some threadlock and a blob of superglue to finish. offer up the spacers and bolt up the wheel, sadly the centre cap doesn't quite fit, with a little modification i think it might tho...

the backs are more problematic as the studs need to be pressed out of the drum and the new ones pressed in...
so off to thomas' workshop and a quick visit to his 12,000 Kg press and bob is your mothers brother, press out the old studs in the hub carrier, press in the new ones, tirque em doen to the old steels to settle the studs and then bolt up thge bling rims and off we go! Massive thankyou to Thomas for the help (especially as i was 3/4 off my head with flu and wandering around bumping into things like a lobotomy candidate) and the use of the workshop and press. I can't imagine how much hassle it would have been without a proper press.

ah... if only i actually had a workshop, with space and light, and tools and all that space for more tools!