well its about that time that i ought to write something :)

i've been busy with all sorts of things, doing lots of stuff on the new wedge,
ripped out all the minging carpert and recarpeted the whole thing, picked up som emore of the missing trim. I even obtained a new/old headliner form gazt3 in galstonbury (top bloke BTW !) t3gazspares.com and fitted that. and i didn't make too bad a job if i say so myself...

the engine build is progressing slowly the rods haven't been rebushed so no progress there - however i did pick up a new in the box engle120 cam from ebay so that will do for now. i was going to get a TCS 20 turbo grind on but the 120 will be fine.
i also picked up a slightly butchered westfalia cooked, fridge & sink unit from a bay on the bay of E. hey presto some carpet & spray glue and a bit of elbow grease later it looks like a dodgy old cooker unit with cheap carpet glued on it !

and not long now until european road trip... onto the ferry in a week or so and then onto nuerburgring for a bit of round and round on the 'one way toll road' and then the following weekend off to Spa Francorchamps for the annual Belgian Buggy show. much fun :)

i'm even starting to look forward to it :)