i called up to raceshack, i've been refitting the office for them as a favour and while i was there asked conor to have a quick look at the pierburg carb on the wedge. its got a gurt big flat spot in it and i though he might be able to help it a bit.
'take it off and i'll rebuild it for you this afternoon, i've got a set of carbs to do off a lambourghini miura so i'll do it at the same time....'

so i pulled it off and started to strip it into pieces on the work bench in the clean room. bear in mind,

a i hate carbs, they're old and stupid.
b, i've never stripped a carb before in my life
c, pierburg has a reputation as being stupid, complicated and unreliable
d, there are no spares or rebuild kits available
e, i have no idea what i'm doing

so i rip it apart. conor helps with the last bits i'm too timid to take apart and we dunk the majority of it into the sonic bath for a few hours.

hey presto !

clean carb!!!!

i reassembe it - trying to remember where everything goes. until i get ot the choke. its a kinda bi-metallic semi electronic thing that has a water feed from the colling system that runs through it . needless to say i cut and capped that off months ago so there's a brief discussion whether the choke is actually dooing anything now.


the i decide to remove the whole unit and all the gubbins...

the carb is now much simpler, lighter and smaller and i have a nice pile of bits left over on the workbench - about a third of it if truth be told...

so advance to bus, fit carb. fire it up.. it takes a few worrying moments to get fuel through and it springs to life...
... and all is MUCH happier... smoother and better throttle response. still got a bit of a flatspot but i'll get the strobe gun on it tomorrow and check the timing - i think it might be somewhet over advanced...

and i fixed the rear wiper motor that i built the other day - but thats another story !