all packed up and ready (ish) to roll for the continent...

built a platform to go on the load bed of the bus so that when the seats fold down there's a level bed... i bolted in the fridge & sink and the cooker boxes and filled them with food, mugs plates glasses and all sorts of other junk...

i got a set of spare bulbs, some beam benders for the headlights, RAC european breakdown and a large set of bolt croppers (as my friend nathan once said 'with a pair of these you can go anywhere...')

off to nuerburgring and then on to Spa.

i also pulle out the last of the tshirt stock i have in the house and i think i might take it with me and give it all away across europe. I've got a LOAD of new designs and when i get back i think i might start work on version III of akciddento.

louie and his friends have been off on a road trip around the south west, visiting all the skateparks and dirt jumps they can find.... three of them in a 1.0l vauxhall corsa loaded with bmx bikes and spare parts and a 1,000 watt subwoofer in the boot. they like the idea of an akciddento ride team and who am I to stop them ?

btw if you see me on the way then say hi grab a shirt :D

later !