got nine hundred emails today, in about 20 hours....

got the spam filters set to 'slow-and-painful-death' but still over NINE HUNDRED got through...


on a lighter note, abi - who bought my samba - was up at raceshack on the dyno with the new big type IV engine in the back . her partner andrew had won a free dyno day and they rolled down today.

she started out with about 90 bhp and after tuning and tweaking they found over a hundred and ran a simulated 16.7 quatre mile ! go girl! :)

also spoke with thomas - hell, not spoken for a few days, gemma, thomas's partner is expecting their first human, and she was due about 5 days ago... so i thought they mioghjt be kinda busy !

but nothing yet !

thomas also gave me an update on the audi 200 turbo 5 pot engine he ripped out of a car with the help of danny p last week...

all sounds good, planned to go into the back of a t25 double cab for racing next year !

rock on !