The bus currently runs with electronic fuel injection. 

The system is comprised of 
DTA E48 EXP Engine management system
Jenvey 45mm Throttle bodies with Bosch injectors
Samco Coil back with wasted spark
Oil temp sensor in left hand rocker cover
Ambient air temp sensor inside engine bay
Throttle position sensor on spindle of left hand throttle body
Facet Pro high pressure fuel pump making 60psi of fuel pressure
Toothed crank disk with crank sensor

wired into the ECU is a autometer monster tacho with shift light and oil pressure warning light. A Hurst line lock with input into the ECU to set the launch control. Autometer oil temp gauge. Here is the DTA ECU, this sits strapped to the roof of the engine bay and connects through a multiway jack on the end of the ECU wiring loom in the bay.


Here's the coil pack, this is controlled by the ECU and replaces both the distributor and coil. The was originally bolted to the back of the fan shroud when the type 1 fan system was in place.


This is the neat crank trigger sensor, the toothed wheel has one tooth missing so the ECU can orientate itself to the position of the crank.

Crank Sensor

Here's one the 45mm Jenvey throttle bodies showing the two Bosch injectors on the high pressure fuel rail. The fuel flows in from the pump to the first rail then to the second rail on the other throttle body then to a fuel pressure regulator that has a vacuum sensor on one manifold. Finally it routes out to the fuel tank return that is tapped into the fuel tank filler neck. Also shown here is the throttle position sensor for the ECU on the butterfly spindle.

Throttle body

Here is the oil temp sensor, tapped into the left hand side rocker cover. This provides information for the cold start map in the ECU and also provides the reading for overheat protection.

Oil temp sensor

In practice the DTA system has been fine, the software supplied to control the mapping and perform diagnostics works well and is clearly laid out. It runs in Windows but I run a PC emulator on my Macintosh laptop and run it from that. The map editing is very straightforward, connect the laptop, load the software and point and click to setup launch control, dump diagnostic data from the ECU or tweak any aspect of the engine management. 

Apart from a few minor teething problems everything has been fine and the engine runs very well with correct fueling in pretty much all situations (quite normal for a EFI system but a rare occurrence on a hot motor with carbs !) . 

Aside from a niggling issue on cold running on with the cold start enrichment map as the weather turned damp and cold in the autumn, which has now been fixed, all is smiles. 

visit the DTA website here 
see the next article for details of the DTA software and mapping process