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Here I build up the engine with the Custom Speed Parts Fan conversion kit. Additionally, I fit the CSP bell crank throttle linkage kit.

The fan conversion kit has all the parts necessary;

  • GRP Fan Shroud
  • Reconditioned Porsche fan and alternator
  • Replacement alternator/oil filler pedestal
  • Alternator/fan securing straps
  • Nuts, Bolts, washers and other misc hardware bits

additional bits i needed/used were

  • Bugpak oil cooler blockoff plate
  • Autometer oil pressure sensor
  • lots of stanley knife blades
  • small half round file
  • junior hacksaw
  • tube of threadlock
  • Hylomar Blue sealant paste
  • Cable and spade connectors
  • Hole saw and various drill bits
  • Budvar Czech beer
  • Tea and coffee
  • Protective gloves, goggles and dressing gown


The first job is to fit the internal oil cooler block off, 

Oil cooler blockoff

then trial fit the fan shroud

Trial fit of fan shroud

the initial fit of the fan shroud was good and required little trimming around the case. because the engine runs larger street eliminator heads there would be some trimming around the intake manifolds and some clearance for the new bell crank throttle linkage being installed. The bell crank linkage sits behind the fan shroud and mounts to the back of the crank case 

Linkage installation

Link installation 2

once the linkage was in place the fan shroud was checked and then a slot cut to clear the front leg of the throttle linkage

Linkage interference

Slot in shroud for linkage

The junior hacksaw made good clean cuts in the GRP of the fan shroud and with fresh stanley knife blades it was possible to gently carve and additional clearance that was needed. It's actually more akin to whittling that anything else.

Once the shroud clearance for the linkage is satisfactory I started dealing with the clearance for the spark plugs (paying particular note to clearance for plug removal), cylinder heads and intake manifolds. 

Manifold clearance

Sparkplug clearance

I started on the manifold clearance. For this application there was quite a lot of material removed from around the manifold hole mouldings

Trim for manifold

Trim for manifold 2

Once i was satisfied with the fit of the manifolds i clearanced the spark plug holes further using a holesaw on a cordless drill.

Attack with holesaw

With the fan shroud fitting done the actual assemby starts. 

Start with the fitment of the new alternator/oil filler pedestal

Fitting new pedestal

Once the pedestal was in I fitted the straps to the sides of the pedestal that will hold the fan and alternator in place. I also tapped in an Autometer pressure gauge behind the oil pressure idiot light. The fuel pump block off plate that is supplied with the kit is very slim to clear the edge of the alternator pedestal. After the install show here i decided to reinstall the original fuel pump block off that was tapped with a breather hose to allow more breathing of the crank case. As the tapped block off was thicker the edge of the block off had to be clearanced with a grinder. 

genstap sensor

With this in place and satisfactory I put in the wiring neccessary for the alternator power and dashboard idiot light. The wires exit the fan shroud through the slot that i cut for the throttle linkage leg

Wiring for alternator

Crimp on suitable connectors and connect the fan/alternator assembly. Then just slide the fan unit into place. 

Slot in fan

Test align the fanbelt and tighten up the allenkey bolt on the top of the strap.

Tightening strap

Install the manifolds and attach the throttle linkage arms

Manifolds and linkage

Double check everything and hey presto it's ready to install in the bus of your choice! 

Ready to install