All turbo parts

starting at one end of the system..going anticlockwise from the right of the picture 

  • the garret turbo,(hot side and cold side)
  • recirculating dump valve (ebay special)
  • the saab 900 kjet injection head on the golf airbox
  • ford rs turbo intercooler (ebay special)
  • rover throttle body
  • injection manifolds and plenum chamber from 2.1l injection wasserboxer

i still need hoses and some other stuff like... erm, i forget... ah yes, boost gauge and boost sensor, bits of exhaust manifold pipework from the baja header to the inlet flange on the turbo and some other stuff, 

the only thing not shown is the fuel pump and pressure acculumator assembly that i have, thats form a golf but i'll swap bits (like the high flow filter from the saab (in the picture)) before bolting all together... 

check the blog for more info and updates on the progress of the project.