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Month: March 2003

  • got my license!

    got my national class B license today ! roll on. need to drop the engine in the bus as soon as possible, there’s an oil leak that only seems to show up when i spank the bus hard on the motorway. after much head scratching and deliberation the oil cooler/gasket is the likely culprit.

  • more licensing

    after friendly advice on the vz forum and by mail it seems i should read the fine print on the MSA license notes more clearly. i don’t need a medical so that saves money and time. posted my application for a class b national ‘speed’ license today. also found out why the subwoofer in the…

  • licensing

    booked the medical for my MSA licence application.seems like so much to do. feel a little lost with it all…. tidied stuff on the site and changed the layout to simple frames… my daughter emily thought it was important that people knew where the name akciddento came from. well, to cut a long story short…

  • Mapping and diagnostics with Electronic Fuel Injection

    Here is the 3d ignition map of the mapping screens from the DTA windows editing software this shows the ignition advance at different points across the RPM range. The map can be edited by grabbing and dragging a point on the 3d map or directly entering the degrees of advance at each rpm point into…

  • team akciddento is born

    team akciddento gets a web site of sorts, stilll waiting to take down the photographic show at centrespace gallery so am using the time to plan and build this site

  • a new hope

    rather nice red racesuit donated by Kevo. (thankyou) I have to race now ! seeing pics of a1963vw’s crash on the way back from the volksworld show increases the safety resolve… perhaps a botch halfcage is called for…

  • Oil Cooling solutions in the samba

    Oil Cooling solutions in the samba

    running a Bus with 4x the power at 2x the speed ? you need to cool it!

  • Porsche Cooling Fan conversion on the Samba Type 1 engine – pt.1

    Porsche Cooling Fan conversion on the Samba Type 1 engine – pt.1

    The engine originally ran a 181 style upright type 1 fan shroud but in a bus this is not efficient enough. The original type 1 cooling system is also not designed for high revving motors and the design of the fan itself is aerodynamically inefficient over about 5,000 RPM. In fact the fan actually stalls!.…