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Month: October 2021

  • Speedo repair for the doka

    Speedo repair for the doka

    Cleaning an old spare km Speedo because it has a trip Meter and Iā€™d like one in the doka – trouble is it has much more km that the doka one – clocking that with a reversible drill ā€¦ A while later with the reversible drill and the cleaned trip meter Speedo has the same…

  • Thing spotting in Berlin #181

    Thing spotting in Berlin #181

    Need to get me one of these again the #vw181 was one for my favourite drives – had two back in the day – maybe need a third ?

  • Lists of doka upgrades….

    Lists of doka upgrades….

    Drinking beer and writing lists of things to be bolted onto the #vwt3 #doka In no particular order – new old stock carb – new ethanol resistant fuel lines – new heater coolant lines – new big SCAT 1:1.4 ratio rockers and pushrods and new lifters – SO much lifter clatter ā€¦ šŸ™‚

  • New Old Stock carb for the doka arrives

    New Old Stock carb for the doka arrives

    New old stock pierburg 2e3 carb for the t3 double cab arrived šŸ™‚