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Month: August 2022

  • Engine bay fire – not me 😉

    Checking your running engine for intake vacuum leaks with flammable brake cleaner is a great idea – until it isn’t – ask me how I know… #vwt3

  • Dyno tuning new T3 Doka engine

    Dyno tuning new T3 Doka engine

    Engine is swapped in the #vwt3 doka so it’s time for #dyno – check afr and timing and sort out the new old stock carb…Down to Moritz tuning to use their rolling road again and dial it all in

  • Cleaning the T3 Doka

    Scrubbed and wet vacuumed the seats in the #vwt3 #doka and it appears they are grey with blue flecks rather than the dirty brown colour of a workshop floor… who knew?

  • Engine swap in the T3 Doka

    Engine swap in the T3 Doka

    Spot the difference competition #vwt3 engine swap in the #dokaSwapping out a 2.1l MV engine with horrible lifter clatter and some oil leak issues and installing the spare 2.1mv i had on the shelf that was in the T3 double slider before the race motor went in that…