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Month: October 2022

  • Laptop setup for the  02 sensor in the T3 Doka

    Laptop setup for the 02 sensor in the T3 Doka

    Booted up a .Mac laptop in windows to reprogram the #innovatemotorsport wideband O2 sensor to display in lambda rather than efi – now it reads correctly whether I run the #vwt3 doka on lpg or benzine

  • Installing Wideband 02 in the T3 Doka

    After new carb jets the #innovatemotorsports #mtx-l wideband and lambda sensor gets installed into the #vwt3 doka – will change the display from afr to lambda and it will meter both fuels without problem..

  • Rejetting the T3 Doka

    Rejetting the T3 Doka

    New upgraded primary and secondary jets installed into the NOS pierburg carb in the #vwt3 doka – it’s a 1.9 carb on a 2.1 motor so on lpg all is good but on benzine it’s super lean – going from 102/110 to 112.5/120 hopefully helps and a dyno session will dial it in

  • Fixing oil leaks on the T3 Doka

    Fixing oil leaks on the T3 Doka

    Addressing the oil leak that appears to come from the distributor on the #vwt3 doka double cab reveals the rubber oil seal is perished and so stiff it cracks when trying to remove it – new seal – slot back in – leak hopefully solved

  • Wiring for the wideband O2 sensor

    Splicing cables together for @innovatemotors mtx wideband O2 sensor & gauge- but there are identical colour signal wires and can’t find multimeter to check – make diy continuity meter with battery & tiny motor :)wires are common – all fixed and sealed – next install in #vwt3 doka