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Borescope arrives to check inside the T3 WBX racemotor

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So, since the WBX race motor was built it never came up to expectations and I had a sudden question come to mind – it’s a 2.1l WBX motor and was originally a DJ code motor that has high compression (10.5:1) pistons in making 82kW – 112bhp DIN @ 4800RPM- this was a European only option with Northern US getting only the 2.1l MV motor with 9.0:1 compression. Making around 70kW – 95bhp DIN @ 4800RPM from factory.

Internally pretty much the only difference is the shape of the piston crown. Both have a dimple in the top and valve cutouts but the DJ crown is shallower hence the higher compression. MV pistons are readily available and DJ ones are not (and much more expensive)
hence the question in my mind
I know I paid for new DJ barrels and pistons – did i get shipped MV ones instead and not notice in the build up before the engine case was closed and the head bolted down?

So – after 30 bucks on amazon I got a new borescope – supercheap – lets see if I can find the answer next time I’m in the workshop?

This one also comes with a Mirro, hook and Magent – super useful 😉