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  • Roadtrip to Ninove day 2

    a roadtrip in the T3 double cab to Ninove in Belgium for the Freddy Files meet – hanging out with Ollie Dyer and catching up with Steve Retro, George, Adele, Sam and so many other Brits who had made the trip over – meeting the folks from Hayburner and having overall a kinda wonderful weekend…

  • Ninove day 1

    Ninove day 1

    Visiting #ninove #vw for #ffreddyfiles 23 in the #vwt3 #doka

  • Roadtrip to Ninove day 1

  • Split Van burnouts and tyre blow at Chimay ’22 : Die.tyres.die

    Split Van burnouts and tyre blow at Chimay ’22 : Die.tyres.die

  • Chimay 2023 day 2

    day 2 at chimay and the sun is blazing, sunburn is available in half litre sizes at every stall and the cocktail bar/caravan is doing a roaring business…. #vwt2 single cab pickup #oklahomaWilly says die.asphalt.die #ebi #chimay and the burnout box competitors say die.tyres.die

  • Chimay Show 2022

    Chimay Show 2022

    #vwt3 in the black westie #chimay #ebi22 here’s to not camping in a tent…

  • Modifying T3 revcounter : Golf Mk2 donor

    Mk2 golf gauge cluster arrived – it will happily donate its Tacho to the #vwt3 doka – after a bit of modifying 🙂

  • bbc points west video… finally

    bbc points west video… finally

    the akciddento vw t25 t3 turbo race builders van with junkyard turbo install feature on BBC Points West evening news program. At the Raceshack tuning facility in Tweaksbury fitting version one of the Junk Yard Turbo install. on a barn find VW wbx waterboxer 2.1l DJ motor we fitted the guts of a Saab turbo…

  • more flame and thunder

    a damp, rainy bleary start to the day. it’s been drizzling for several hours and the air is so cold it looks not too promising for racing today. It seems that the one meeting tha people thought would be dry is in danger of being a washout just like most of the others this year…

  • dontcha just love it…

    dontcha just love it when… well, trying to flog off the 84mm procomp crank from the old race engine in the samba. spun a bearing last november in the bus on the M4 being (barely) pursued by botch and joss in an SRi.. (see november 9th 2003 weblog entry) send the engine off to a…