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Fitting up external oil cooler for the Doka

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The T3 double cab runs LPG and petrol, the LPG is half the price and makes less pollution than petrol so it runs on that all the time. LPG burns hotter (and slower) than benzine so the ignition is about 7 degrees advanced and the engine runs hotter – constant running over 110km (70mph) and the oil temp creeps up to 110C and beyond with corresponding oil pressure loss.
Cruising at 95 maintains a stead 95-100 C so extra (but rising on long motorway trips in summer – often heat soaking badly if caught in traffic jams… )

SO .. ordered up parts for a front mount external oil cooler. Using a sandwich plate with thermo by pass that will replace the existing factory oil cooler sandwich plate that is fed from the coolant circuit and running high pressure oil lines to a front mount cooler. – Only problem is working out how to mount the cooler – there are various kits on the market but the brackets are kept ‘trade secrets’ so some researching brought up plastic pipe clamps to fit the upright from bars behind the lower grill then cutting, bending drilling and some more cutting and we might have a complete solution to fix the front cooler in place !