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Fixing the earth leak in the Double Cab?

Since I got the T3 double cab it has flattened the battery if left alone – some previous owner actually put in a battery isolator switch by the seatbelt stalk for the drive seat – they bypassd the original battery early strat and ran the earth via a chunky Hella switch – presumably rather than find and fix the earth leak.
Doing some testing it seems – in my rush to install the Sony headunit – for some reason I decided to wire it as permanent live – rather than only live when the accessory switch from the key is live – it probably madee sens but I cant remember – unfortunately on testing it appears that the current draw is well over 100mA all the time occasionally peaking at 170mA or more. The interweb tells me that this is much too much – it should be max 60mA –

Some of this I think is that the headunit is bluetooth and appears to be continually scanning for new bluetooth connections and activations. So I finally got round to changing the power connection to a non permanent live and instead to the correct (ish) keyswitch accessory live.

we will see what happens !